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Is it time to finally clear away those lingering skin and hair concerns that have bothered you for years? At Montville MedSpa & Pain Center, we now offer the revolutionary Aerolase Neo Elite treatment to help you achieve radiant, confidence-boosting results.

By harnessing the power of precision laser technology, the Aerolase Neo Elite provides an all-in-one solution to targeted issues like acne scarring, dark spots from sun damage, and unwanted hair in problem areas.

Say goodbye to visible imperfections and coarse hairs for good with this non-invasive treatment!

Rediscover Flawless Skin with Aerolase Neo Elite

The Aerolase Neo Elite is an advanced medical laser system that provides effective treatments for a variety of skin and hair-related concerns using patented laser technology. Unique among other laser devices, the Aerolase Neo Elite works by delivering ultra-precise micro-pulses of light that target the melanin, hemoglobin, and water found in the skin and hair follicles.

How it Works

Rather than causing damage to the skin, this gentle laser heating method eliminates problem areas in a comfortable, minimally invasive way. Whether you’re looking to reduce acne scarring, treat unwanted hair, or revitalize aging skin, the Aerolase Neo Elite can customize a treatment plan to suit your individual needs and skin type. Its versatile 650-microsecond laser pulses allow it to be used as both an effective acne therapy and anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatment in one.

Treatable Conditions 

The Aerolase Neo Elite Laser is able to effectively target a variety of common skin concerns through its precise laser treatments. Some of the conditions it can treat include:


The Neo Elite laser targets melasma at the dermal level, penetrating deeper into the skin to break up pigmented cells and disrupt excessive melanin production below the surface. This helps balance tone by reducing both dark patches and the intensity of pigment granules contributing to a mottled appearance. Over multiple treatments, melasma lesions fully clear or become significantly lighter.

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

PIH causes dark spots or areas of hyperpigmentation that linger after inflammation from acne, injury, or other sources. The Neo Elite laser homogenizes melanin distribution by selectively removing overactive melanocytes. It disperses accumulated pigment clusters beneath the skin’s surface to significantly fade spots and return a clear, even tone within just a few sessions.

Unwanted Hair

Laser hair reduction harnesses the Neo Elite’s precision to disrupt the hair follicles responsible for superfluous hair growth. By inhibiting protein synthesis and damage within hair bulbs, new hair struggles to reform – reducing quantities over repeated treatments. For conditions like pseudofolliculitis barbae, it helps prevent ingrown hairs and soothes inflamed lesions around hair roots.

Acne Keloidalis Nuchae

This inflammatory neck condition causing thickened lesions and scarring is handled through the Neo Elite laser’s ability to calm breakouts. Its targeted energy penetrates to inhibit bacteria and disrupt signals that fuel swelling and scarring. Over time, it presses the ‘reset’ button on the skin, smoothing the bumpy texture back to normal.

Skin Aging

Using a fractional method, the laser stimulates collagen rejuvenation from within to counteract time-driven laxity. By spurring fibroblast activity, it thickens depleted support fibers to plump out fine lines and wrinkles. Meanwhile, resurfaced layers of new skin refresh dullness for a visibly smoother and brighter-looking complexion.

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Skin Rejuvenation For All Skin Types

The versatility of the Aerolase Neo Elite’s laser therapy ensures rejuvenating results can be achieved no matter one’s individual skin type or concerns.

For Oily Skin

The Aerolase Neo Elite is effective at regulating sebum production for those with oily skin types. Reducing excess oil secretion prevents clogged pores and the breakouts they can cause. Laser therapy clears existing imperfections while keeping shine minimally in check without drying or irritating the skin.

For Acne-Prone Skin

Struggling with persistent acne? The Neo Elite targets underlying triggers like overactive sebaceous glands, inflammation, and bacteria imbalance. It improves skin clarity by addressing multiple factors that fuel eruptions. Laser treatments reduce breakouts over time for clearer, smoother complexions.

For Pigmented Skin

Individuals with pigmented skin prone to age spots or melasma find relief with the Neo Elite. Its laser precision safely and gently evens skin tone by dispersing concentrated melanin clusters. Multiple sessions deliver noticeably lighter, brighter skin by fading stubborn dark patches.

For Sensitive Skin

Even highly sensitive skin tolerates Neo Elite therapy comfortably. Its customized settings respect delicate textures without irritation. While smoothing fine lines, it also nurtures natural luminosity rather than drying or inflaming. Sensitive clients enjoy revitalization safely.

The All-In-One Treatment for Hair Concerns

Beyond its renowned skin rejuvenating abilities, the Aerolase Neo Elite functions as a powerful yet comfortable laser solution for all hair-related issues as well.

Whether excess, sparseness, or breakage plagues the scalp, its unique technology provides targeted relief.

Hair RemovalUnwanted hair in areas like the face, legs, or back is safely and permanently diminished over 4-6 treatments. Reduction exceeds 90% for most.
Hair RegrowthFor thinning hair or patches of loss, its stimulation encourages dormant follicles back to life. Count, density, and thickness increase visibly within months.
Addressing Hair LossUsed alone or alongside supplements or topicals, the laser jumpstarts regrowth from the roots up. It invigorates hair with a prompter anagen phase for healthier strands over the long term.

The Aerolase Neo Elite Procedure

To achieve the best results, it’s important to know what to expect from your Aerolase Neo Elite treatment process.

1. Consultation

During an initial consultation, a comprehensive evaluation will assess your medical history and aesthetic goals. This personalized analysis allows us to design an ideal treatment strategy.

2. Preparation

Before treatment begins, the target area will be thoroughly cleansed to remove any debris, oils, or impurities from the skin’s surface. For laser hair reduction, any existing hair will need trimming very short to the roots 1-2 days prior.

3. Application of Laser Energy

A contact laser handpiece is gently moved over the treatment zone, controlled by the specialist. A series of rapid, focused light pulses heat and disrupt pigment or follicular targets with pinpoint accuracy.

4. Treatment Duration

Sessions last 30-45 minutes on average, depending on the size of the area and customized settings. Multiple, meticulous passes are made until ideal parameters are reached.

5. Post-Treatment Care

Immediate recommendations will minimize temporary effects like redness or swelling. Soothing gels prevent dry skin while the protected skin regains its normal appearance.

6. Follow-Up Treatments

Multiple sessions scheduled 4-6 weeks apart reinforce earlier results and advance them further each time. Sticking to this plan ensures you make the most of the Neo Elite technology.

Additional Services to Pair with Aerolase Neo Elite

The Aerolase Neo Elite delivers optimal results when complemented by additional tailored treatments. Layering modalities yields more comprehensive outcomes.

Complementary Treatments
Chemical PeelsUsed before laser therapy, peels exfoliate dead skin cells, smooth texture, and prep the canvas. This enhances the penetration of Neo Elite lightwaves.
Microneedling TreatmentsPerformed after laser sessions, microneedling stimulates collagen induction and plumps fine lines even further. It amplifies and extends rejuvenating effects.
Dermal FillersUsed in tandem with Neo Elite, filler injections add volume loss and address deeper wrinkles not fully improved through laser therapy alone.
Platelet-rich Plasma TherapyPRP harnesses the power of growth factors to turbocharge collagen stimulation initiated by the Neo Elite. Together they intensely renew aging skin.
Hair Growth SupplementsWhen paired with scalp laser therapy, supplements nourish follicles from within using optimal nutrients for hair. This strengthens strands compromised by loss.

By thoughtfully layering aesthetic modalities, clients realize exponentially amplified laser results. A complete protocol yields wholly optimized, long-lasting skin and hair enhancements.

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Why Choose Our Precise Laser Treatment?

Precision Technology for Gentle Yet Effective Results

Our Aerolase Neo Elite utilizes the most advanced laser technology available to target problem areas while leaving the surrounding skin layer unharmed. This allows us to achieve dramatic yet natural-looking improvements with fewer treatments over time.

Efficiency with Minimal Disruption

Through optimized laser settings and a meticulous approach, we’re able to reduce session times while still extending the period between treatments and their long-lasting benefits. Your busy schedule faces minimal disruption for maximum outcomes.

Low Maintenance Rewards

By addressing underlying causes instead of symptoms alone, a series of our Neo Elite precision laser sessions provide anti-aging and rejuvenating effects that require far less continual upkeep. Enjoy flawless, youthful skin and hair that stays that way between visits.

Our Intuitive Aesthetic Pros

Backed by extensive medical experience and credentials, you benefit from providers skilled not just in laser manipulation but in understanding the science behind healthy, natural appearance at a deep cellular level. Leave your concerns confidently in our capable hands.

Unlock Your Inner Glow with Aerolase Neo Elite Laser Therapy

If persistent skin and hair issues are holding you back, the Aerolase Neo Elite laser can help you achieve seamless solutions. Through industry-leading precision and minimal discomfort, this cutting-edge technology effortlessly targets concerns from acne to pigmentation.

Montville MedSpa & Pain Center is ready to customize a treatment plan for naturally radiant results. Contact us today for a consultation to rediscover your glow. Our dedicated specialists will answer questions and get you started on the quick and easy path to renewed confidence with Aerolase Neo Elite laser therapy.

You may also reach us by completing this online form or simply give us a call at (973) 794-3958.