Do facial scars, discoloration, and fine lines frustrate you every day?
Time can be cruel to the face and no number of special creams or ointments can turn back the clock. But with laser genesis skin resurfacing, you can start your path to a new face today

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What Is Laser Genesis?

With exceptional precision, laser genesis targets the skin layer by layer, allowing new skin cells to build a renewed surface and glowing complexion. Laser genesis is designed to:

  • Promote of regeneration of collagen
  • Increase your skin’s healing ability
  • Involve no bruising or skin irritation

How It Works

The face is made up of several layers of skin and the face you see in the mirror is only the outermost layer. With laser genesis, a beam gently heats the skin’s dermis layer, stimulating the regeneration of collagen and your skin’s natural ability to heal. This treatment is ideal for those with fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, oily skin, sun damage, and other skin conditions.

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What is laser genesis skin therapy?

This gentle fractional laser technique is a non-surgical facial rejuvenation therapy that reverses the signs of aging, sun damage, and other skin conditions. 

Is laser genesis invasive?

No. Unlike surgical cosmetic procedures, laser genesis skin therapy is non-invasive and has been clinically proven to trigger the production of collagen. Collagen is a protein found in your skin that keeps it supple and elastic.

Is laser genesis painful?

Laser genesis is a painless procedure that doesn’t cause uncomfortable side effects like skin irritation or bruising. 

Who is a candidate for laser genesis?

Ideal candidates for laser genesis are those with wrinkles and fine lines around the forehead, mouth, and eyes. Those with enlarged pores, oily skin, sun damage, severe cases of acne scarring, and other skin conditions may also benefit from laser genesis skin resurfacing. 

Patients with very dark skin tones might not be viable candidates for skin resurfacing, as it can be more difficult for the laser to target the damaged skin.

What can I expect during my laser genesis facial appointment?

Our skin specialists perform laser genesis skin rejuvenation in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Due to its advanced technology, topical anesthetics and gels are unnecessary, and there is no recovery time. 

During your treatment, you may feel a pleasant, warming sensation that can last for approximately 30 minutes following the procedure. After your treatment, you might also feel your skin tightening and a mild tingling. 

How many laser genesis sessions will I need to see results?

While individual treatments trigger subtle changes in your complexion, the results from multiple sessions can be quite dramatic. Everyone’s skin is unique, so our team will work with you to determine the ideal number of treatments required to achieve optimal results. On average, four to six laser genesis treatments provide the best results.