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Do your under-eye circles make you look permanently tired? If so, you may benefit from an under-eye filler procedure at Montville MedSpa & Pain Center!

As we age, the fatty tissue in the tear troughs can flatten, causing dark circles and bluish discoloration to form under the eyes. Our experts can correct this with hyaluronic acid-based fillers through a non-invasive treatment.

Hyaluronic acid fillers help to add volume back to the tear troughs for a more youthful appearance without surgery. With ample recovery time, you can enjoy smooth, problem-free treatment and notice a reduction in dark under-eye circles.

The Tear troughs

The tear troughs, also called the nasojugal grooves or infraorbital hollows, are the areas directly below the eyes where fat loss may cause dark circles or bluish discoloration to form.

Aging causes the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production to slow down, causing loss of facial volume and the appearance of wrinkles. Long-term sun damage can also break down collagen over time. This collagen induction diminishes fat compartments like tear troughs, contributing to the development of dark circles and fine lines.

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What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that are injected beneath the skin to restore lost volume, smooth lines, soften creases, or enhance facial contours. They are a type of nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that can plump up wrinkles, and smooth lines, and restore volume in your face.

They are approved for specific uses in people aged 22 and older, including correcting moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and plumping thin lips. There are different types of dermal fillers, including those made from synthetic materials and substances that naturally occur in your body, as well as fat from your own body.

Types of Dermal Fillers

The most common types of dermal fillers are calcium hydroxylapatite, hyaluronic acid, and poly-L-lactic acid. At Montville MedSpa & Pain Center, we use high-quality HA-based fillers for tear troughs which include:

Juvéderm Volbella™ XCSubtle lip filling and blurring of lip lines
Juvéderm® Ultra XCNoticeable lip contouring and volume for fuller lips
Juvéderm® Vollure™ XCLonger-lasting results for youthful-looking skin
Juvéderm® Ultra Plus XCSmoothes dynamic lines on the face and lips
Juvéderm® Voluma™ XCNon-surgical cheek lifting and volume restoration
Juvéderm Volux™ XCAdds facial definition and reduces wrinkles
VERSA™Smoothen out fine lines, wrinkles, and enhance facial volume

The FDA-approved Hyaluronic Acid Gel and its Gentle Manufacturing Process

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers hold a large amount of water, restoring volume under the skin. Our in-office filler undergoes a gentle manufacturing process that cross-links the hyaluronic acid for a smooth consistency and natural feel. This FDA-approved gel assimilates well into the body.

Eye Filler Treatments vs. Cosmetic Surgery

Unlike surgical procedures for eyelid or brow lifts, tear trough fillers provide natural-looking results with minimal recovery time. There is no need for general anesthesia, lengthy downtime, or risks associated with surgery such as infection, nerve injury, or hematomas.

Dermal fillers allow patients to enhance their appearance without major procedures by adding subtle volume where it’s lost over time.

The Importance of Personalized Treatment Plan

Each patient’s skin is unique in texture, tone, and concerns. Our experts take the time to thoroughly understand your individual skin through consultation before customizing a treatment plan.

Factors like existing imperfections, skin laxity or thickness, and your aesthetic goals are considered to design a tailored plan using the most appropriate techniques and products. This personalized approach helps ensure natural, long-lasting results.

The Tear Trough Fillers Process

1. Consultation

During this appointment, we will evaluate the degree of your under-eye hollowness and skin laxity. We will discuss with you your goals and concerns, and the treatment options considered, including fillers alone or in combination with other modalities like lasers. 

2. Anesthetic

On the day of treatment, a topical or local anesthetic cream will be applied to the under-eye area 30-60 minutes prior. This helps ensure comfort during the procedure by numbing the delicate skin.

3. Injection

Our highly experienced injector will administer the dermal filler into the tear troughs using a very fine needle or cannula. Multiple pin-point injections will be made in a fan-like pattern beneath the skin and the product will be massaged to evenly distribute it.

4. Results

Some improvement in the appearance of under-eye hollowness may be seen immediately. However, the final results will become apparent as swelling subsides over 1-4 weeks.

5. Aftercare

Ice packs will be applied at 15-minute intervals to minimize swelling. Bruising and tenderness are common but usually resolve within a few days. Blood thinners and strenuous activity should be avoided for 24 hours. Sun exposure and makeup should be limited for a few days as well.

6. Follow Up Visit

Most patients return within 1-2 weeks for an assessment. Touch-ups may be done at this time if needed for optimal symmetry. Future touch-ups are typically recommended every 6-12 months as the body metabolizes the filler over time.

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 The Benefits of Tear Trough Fillers

  • Naturally filled-in under-eye hollows. By filling in the indented tear trough area, fillers help smooth out shadows and signs of fatigue.
  • Improved contour and definition. Properly placed filler restores a more youthful contour by lifting and rounding out the lower eyelid area.
  • Softer, brighter eyes. The filler plumps out sunken areas, making the eyes appear more open and alert. 
  • Reduced darkness and puffiness. Fillers lift tissues and reinforce support structures, which can help minimize dark circles and reduce bags or puffiness.
  • Natural, gradual results. Unlike cosmetic eyelid surgery, fillers provide a more natural-looking improvement, with results building over 1-4 weeks as swelling subsides.
  • Minimal downtime. Most patients only experience mild bruising or swelling post-treatment, allowing them to quickly return to normal activities.
  • Customizable. Fillers allow you to start with subtle changes and gradually increase fullness over multiple touch-up sessions as your needs change over time.
  • Reversible, low risk. Unlike permanent procedures, fillers are safely dissolved with an enzyme if unwanted effects occur. Risks are minimal with an experienced provider.

Precautions and Considerations


For long-lasting results, most patients choose to repeat tear trough filler treatments every 6-12 months. As the body slowly absorbs the product over 1-2 years, subtle touch-ups help maintain a youthful contour.

Healing Process

Final results may take 1-4 weeks to appear as swelling and bruising subside. Redness, tenderness, pain, or itching around the injection sites are normal temporary side effects. Avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise until any soreness subsides.

Side Effects

Rare side effects like bluish discoloration, lumps, bumps, or scarring can occur. Seek advice immediately from your provider if anything other than mild bruising or swelling is noted.


If you have allergies or previous reactions to cosmetic procedures, a skin test is recommended at least 2 weeks prior. Consult with your provider about your full allergy and medical history.

Blood Thinners

Avoid blood-thinning medications for two weeks before and after treatments due to the increased risk of bleeding and bruising complications. Consult your doctor if cessation is unsafe.

Benefits of Choosing Montville MedSpa & Pain Center

When considering tear trough fillers or any aesthetic treatments, it’s important to entrust the procedure to a qualified, experienced provider. Montville MedSpa & Pain Center offers several key advantages for patients:

Board-Certified Expertise

We have years of experience performing minimally invasive treatments and hold board certifications, completing ongoing training in the latest techniques. A physician’s medical background and extensive hands-on experience ensure treatments are performed safely and effectively.

Personalized Care

Beyond just the technical aspects, we believe in taking the time to understand each patient’s individual concerns, goals, and history. Every consultation includes a private discussion of treatment options that are customized based on your needs. Follow-up appointments allow for monitoring of results and addressing any questions.

Comprehensive Services

In addition to tear trough fillers, our suite of solutions tackles a wide range of issues like wrinkles, acne scars, hair loss, and skin laxity using therapies like neurotoxins, fillers, lasers, and radiofrequency. This offers a one-stop solution to rejuvenate your appearance.

Comfort and Satisfaction

Patients are cared for in our modern, spa-like setting designed for maximum comfort and privacy. Our experienced staff aims to exceed expectations at every touchpoint from booking to follow-up care. We pride ourselves on ensuring 100% satisfaction through high-quality outcomes and a VIP patient experience.

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If you are ready to address under-eye hollowness or other signs of aging, Montville MedSpa & Pain Center invites you to schedule a complimentary consultation. As your premier medspa, our goal is to enhance natural beauty through minimally invasive techniques. 

Whether you choose tear trough fillers alone or incorporate additional therapies, we aim to revitalize your appearance through precision treatments. Don’t wait any longer to transform your under-eyes from tired to taut. Contact us today at (973) 794-3958 or complete this form to get in touch.