Body Contouring in Montville NJ Achieving your ideal body shape and silhouette is now possible without extensive surgery thanks to the latest body contouring procedures. 

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These advanced techniques can eliminate stubborn fat from problem areas, tighten loose skin, and provide dramatic yet natural-looking improvements in your figure. 

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of body contouring, the different procedures available, what to expect, ideal candidates, recovery, costs, and how to maintain results. 

You’ll also learn specifics on body contouring treatments offered at Montville MedSpa and why their experienced staff, inviting spa and customized care make them a top choice in northern New Jersey.

What is Body Contouring?

What exactly is body contouring? Here’s a closer look at what procedures can achieve:

Definition of Body Contouring

Body contouring is the process of reshaping specific areas of your body through the use of invasive and non-invasive techniques. The goal is to reduce stubborn fat deposits, tighten loose skin, smooth cellulite, and sculpt an aesthetically pleasing figure.

Both surgical and nonsurgical body contouring procedures are performed to:

  • Permanently remove resistant localized fat pockets and bulges 
  • Tighten and lift sagging, loose skin that lacks elasticity
  • Smooth dimpled, uneven skin texture caused by cellulite
  • Enhance muscle tone and definition in treated areas
  • Reshape body areas to achieve better proportion and balance

The result is a slimmer and more toned body profile as well as a boost in confidence.

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Goals of Body Contouring

Patients choose body contouring procedures for a variety of goals, including:

  • Reducing abdominal fat, love handles, back rolls and bra bulges
  • Reshaping and slimming thighs, knees or enlarged inner thighs
  • Lifting, enhancing or augmenting the buttocks area
  • Eliminating saddlebags, arm flab, double chins or other resistant fat pockets  
  • Creating more defined waistlines and a curvier silhouette
  • Improving skin laxity post-pregnancy or significant weight loss
  • Correcting asymmetry or disproportionate body areas

The Board Certified providers at Montville MedSpa listen attentively to understand your unique cosmetic goals for body contouring during your confidential consultation. 

Common Treatment Areas

Common Treatment AreasDetails
Abdomen:Removing abdominal fat and tightening lax skin is one of the most requested body contouring treatments.
Thighs:Reshaping and slimming the inner/outer thighs is possible with fat reducing and skin tightening procedures.
Buttocks:Many patients want to enhance or lift their buttocks for a perkier, rounder shape.
Back:The upper and lower back area is common for treating “bra fat”, back rolls and fatty tissue on the sides.
Arms:Eliminating flabby, loose skin on upper arms is easily achieved with targeted contouring.
Neck:Reducing fat under the chin and neckline helps create a tighter, more youthful profile.

Benefits of Body Contouring

Some of the most desirable benefits of body contouring include:

  • Improved Body Proportions and Silhouette
  • Permanent Reduction of Stubborn Fat Deposits
  • Smooth, Toned Skin Texture and Elasticity
  • Contouring of Muscles for Better Definition
  • A More Balanced, Proportional Figure
  • Boosted Self-Confidence and Body Satisfaction

Thanks to remarkable advances in both surgical and nonsurgical technology, the body of your dreams is easier to achieve than ever with body contouring.


Non-invasive body contouring offers noticeable improvements in fat reduction and body sculpting without anesthesia, downtime or surgery. Here at Montville MedSpa our certified providers offer Coolsculpting to help patients address their body fat concerns.

CoolSculpting is a trademarked technique called cryolipolysis, a non-invasive method for reducing fat that involves using precisely controlled cooling to eliminate fat cells located beneath the skin.

Cryolipolysis, also referred to as fat freezing, operates by specifically targeting and freezing fat cells. The freezing process induces fat cell death without causing harm to neighboring tissues.

This procedure has received FDA clearance for reducing fat in various areas of the body, including the abdomen, flanks, back, thighs, upper arms, and under the chin. 

Controlled cooling is applied to targeted fat areas to crystallize and destroy fat cells. The frozen dead cells are then naturally flushed from the body.

There should probably be some sort of headline here so that there is a flow between the previous paragraph and talk of surgical procedures.

Liposuction: The most frequently performed surgery that removes fat deposits using small incisions and cannulas. There are several technique variations.

Tummy Tucks: Surgically tightens abdominal muscles and removes excess fat/skin for dramatic firming and contouring.

Lower Body Lifts: Excises loose, hanging lower body skin and lifts remaining tissues for smoothing and shaping. 

Designed to reduce loose, sagging skin in the upper arms or inner/outer thighs.

If surgical body contouring could help you meet your goals, the team at Montville MedSpa can provide you with options.

Am I a Good Candidate for Body Contouring?

The ideal candidates for body contouring treatments are:

Indicators of Good CandidacyDescription
Already near your ideal healthy weight – major fluctuations can impact resultsHaving achieved a stable weight near your natural healthy size allows for the best results
Have good skin elasticity – allows skin to conform to new contoursPliable, youthful skin can adjust more easily to body contouring treatments
Have isolated fat deposits or skin laxity resistant to diet and exerciseTargeted problem areas not helped by lifestyle changes are best for contouring procedures
Are nonsmokers – smoking impairs circulation and healingSmoking reduces blood flow and delays healing, impacting recovery from contouring treatments
Have realistic expectations for body contouring proceduresUnderstanding contouring’s limitations leads to satisfaction rather than disappointment
Are in overall good physical and mental healthBeing a strong candidate overall optimizes safety and results from contouring treatments

Less Ideal Candidates

Those below may not currently be suited for body contouring:

  • Have significant excess body weight or obesity
  • Have compromised skin elasticity due to aging, sun damage or genetics
  • Have serious underlying health conditions or bleed risks
  • Use nicotine/tobacco products
  • Expect body contouring will cause radical fat loss or weight change
  • Struggle with body dysmorphic disorder or altered self-image

The providers at Montville MedSpa conduct a thorough health assessment during your consultation to advise if body contouring options could benefit you. They want to ensure your safety.

Preparing for Body Contouring Treatments  

Proper preparation is key to smooth body contouring treatment and optimal outcomes:

The Initial Consultation

Your first appointment at Montville MedSpa will be an informative consultation where:

  • Your areas of concern will be visually assessed and measured
  • Skin elasticity, fat deposits, muscle tone will be examined 
  • Your full medical history and health will be reviewed
  • Your cosmetic goals and ideal outcomes will be discussed
  • Proposed treatment options will be presented for your preferences
  • Any questions or concerns will be addressed in depth

Pre-Procedure Preparation 

Before treatment day:

  • Follow all instructions for eating, drinking, medication adjustments
  • Arrange transportation for your treatment day
  • Plan for any post-procedure assistance you may need at home
  • Identify and mark the exact areas you want treated, if applicable

Proper planning and adherence to pre-procedure steps leads to better body contouring experiences.

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Body Contouring Procedures at Montville MedSpa

Montville MedSpa offers the latest nonsurgical and minimally-invasive body contouring to fit your needs:

CoolSculpting Fat Reduction

One of their most popular options, CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling (a process called cryolipolysis) to eliminate stubborn fat without surgery. Benefits include:

Permanently destroys treated fat cells that do not regrowThrough cryolipolysis, targeted fat cells are crystallized and eliminated permanently from the body
No anesthesia or incisions are requiredThe non-invasive CoolSculpting procedure requires no painful shots or surgical cuts
Little to no discomfort or downtimeMost patients report mild soreness or unpleasant sensations that resolve quickly with no extended recovery
Up to 20-25% reduction of fat layer in treated areasSignificant fat reduction is achieved in problem spots like flanks, back, and abs through a series of CoolSculpting sessions
Gradual, natural-looking results appear over 1-3 monthsThe treated areas smoothly contour as shed fat cells are naturally flushed from the body over weeks

At Montville MedSpa, common treatment sites include the abdomen, inner/outer thighs, bra line, arms, chin and flank areas. Multiple applicator sizes allow for customized treatment of all body areas. Most patients require 2-4 treatment sessions spaced a month apart for optimal results.

Recovery After Body Contouring

Recovery time varies based on the extensiveness of the treatment:

Recovery from Non-Invasive Procedures  

Minimal downtime is needed after non-invasive contouring. Side effects like redness, swelling, tingling and numbness at the treatment site typically resolve quickly. 

Patients can resume normal activities immediately, though vigorous exercise may need to be avoided for 1-2 days. 

Maintaining Your Body Contouring Results

While dramatic improvements in body contour are lasting, some measures help preserve your new shape:  

Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Stick to a regular diet and exercise routine to avoid weight fluctuations
  • Wear compression garments when directed to allow skin to adapt
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure and use sunscreen to protect skin

Follow-up Procedures

  • Repeat non surgical body contouring every 6 months to 2 years to maintain improvements
  • Invasive contouring procedures typically last 5-10 years before a touch-up  
  • Combining multiple modalities often yields the longest-lasting transformations

The providers at Montville MedSpa want to see you achieve and maintain the body you deserve through customized contouring care.

Cost of Body Contouring Procedures

Pricing for body contouring depends on several factors:

Factors Affecting CostDescription
The type and extent of treatment needed to meet aesthetic goalsMore complex procedures requiring greater skill/time are priced higher than simpler options
Size/surface area and number of body regions being treatedLarger areas and combined spots increase cost due to more materials and provider work required
Whether multiple modalities are combinedBundling techniques like CoolSculpting with SkinTight or lipo may offer savings over separate treatments
Geographic location and experience of the providerProviders in major metro areas typically cost more than rural facilities, and experts demand premium fees

Many flexible financing and payment plans are available at Montville MedSpa to make achieving your ideal figure affordable.

FAQs About Body Contouring

Some common questions about body contouring include:

How much downtime is needed for recovery?

Non-invasive options require almost no downtime. Minimally invasive procedures need 1-2 weeks for recovery. Invasive surgeries require 4-6 weeks of healing.

When will I see results?

CoolSculpting and non-invasive treatments show gradual results over 1-3 months as the body eliminates treated fat cells. Minimally invasive and surgical results are more immediate but still improve over several months during healing.

How long do results last?

Non-invasive fat and cellulite reduction may need to be repeated annually to maintain improvements. Surgical body contouring has longer lasting results of 5-10 years on average.

What are the risks or side effects?

Minimal side effects like redness and numbness may occur with non-invasive procedures. Temporary pain, swelling and bruising are common with invasive treatments. Serious risks are rare when performed by board-certified specialists.

What happens if I gain weight again?

Treated fat cells are permanently destroyed through body contouring so they cannot regrow. However, significant weight gain can cause new fat formation. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps preserve your results long-term.

Takeaways on Body Contouring

Today’s body contouring procedures allow for noticeable enhancements in your shape through non-invasive fat elimination, skin tightening, muscle toning and cellulite improvement. 

At Montville MedSpa, we specialize in personalized CoolSculpting sessions designed to help you achieve the ultimate look and feel your absolute best.

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