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At Montville MedSpa & Pain Center, we believe that veins are more than just vessels—they’re the pathways to a healthier, more vibrant you.

Under the direction of Dr. Donna D’Alessio, we leverage the latest technology and proven techniques to alleviate vein disease symptoms effectively and safely. 

We provide customized treatments to restore comfort, confidence, and healthy circulation in your legs.

We know that every patient has unique needs, which is why we take the time to evaluate and diagnose your specific condition before creating a personalized treatment plan.

Diagnose the Root Cause of Your Vein Problems

The first step in resolving vein disease is identifying its underlying cause through comprehensive diagnostics. We will conduct a thorough physical exam, inquire about your medical history, and may order additional imaging tests to fully evaluate your veins. 

Pinpointing the origin of your vein problems allows us to recommend targeted, effective solutions instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Our accurate diagnostics prevent misguided or unnecessary procedures.

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Choose from Proven Vein Treatment Options

After a thorough consultation and diagnostic evaluation, Dr. D’Alessio will explain your treatment choices and collaborate to create a plan tailored to your objectives. We offer a comprehensive range of options administered safely and comfortably in our clinic:


A simple, non-surgical solution for small spider veins and varicose veins. Dr. D’Alessio will inject a chemical solution directly into the problematic veins, causing them to gradually fade and redirect blood flow to healthier veins. This is an excellent choice if you have minor venous concerns but want to avoid more invasive treatments.

  • Requires no anesthesia or downtime – you can resume normal activities immediately
  • Effectively eliminates small spider veins and improves appearance
  • Can treat veins across the entire body, including the legs and face
  • Provides lasting results when paired with healthy lifestyle choices


Varithena® microfoam induces malfunctioning vein collapse upon administration, rerouting blood flow and gradually eliminating unsightly veins. Varithena® benefits:

  • Safe, minimal discomfort
  • Some notice improvement after one treatment
  • Non-invasive, no varicose vein surgery
  • Quick procedure, under an hour
  • Combinable with other vein treatments for optimal results

Radiofrequency Ablation

This procedure utilizes radiofrequency waves transmitted through a catheter to generate heat that closes diseased veins. It works similarly to endovenous laser but without laser energy. Our specialist inserts a thin tube into the target vein and heats the tip as it is withdrawn.

  • Highly effective for eliminating saphenous vein reflux
  • Fast treatment with no downtime – patients can walk afterward
  • Little to no pain or bruising compared to vein stripping
  • Preserves structure of veins unlike removal procedures

Experience Lasting Relief from Vein Problems

At Montville MedSpa & Pain Center, your satisfaction is our top priority. That means listening carefully, setting realistic expectations, and delivering natural-looking results. With Dr. D’Alessio’s care and expertise, you can expect:

Renewed Confidence

Vein problems can make you self-conscious about exposing your legs. Our treatments will eliminate unsightly spider veins and bulging varicose veins, restoring a smooth, youthful appearance. You’ll feel confident again wearing shorts, skirts, and swimsuits.

Reduced Discomfort

Tired, achy legs and throbbing pain caused by venous insufficiency affects quality of life. Our vein treatments will relieve these nagging symptoms so you can be active and comfortable again.

Healthier Circulation

Damaged veins can lead to poor blood flow, swelling, restlessness, and leg fatigue. Our vein procedures redirect circulation through healthy veins, promoting vascular health in your lower extremities.

A Trusted Partner in Care

We will oversee your treatment from start to finish and provide ongoing monitoring and care. We’ll ensure you heal properly and that your symptoms remain resolved long-term.

Under Dr. D’Alessio’s leadership, our medspa provides a calming, spa-like environment for your vein care. We strive to make every visit pleasant with warm, attentive service. Our procedures are administered safely by specialists trained in the latest techniques.

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If unsightly spider veins or aching varicose veins are impacting your confidence and quality of life, we encourage you to schedule your appointment or request an appointment online.

During your visit, our caring team will answer all your questions, address your concerns, and devise a personalized treatment plan aimed at helping you look and feel your best. Discover how our proven approaches can rejuvenate your legs and restore comfort.

FAQs About Vein Specialist Procedures

What causes spider and varicose veins?

Spider and varicose veins are often caused by weakened valves and veins walls. This allows blood to flow backwards and pool in veins, enlarging and twisting them. Genetics, pregnancy, weight gain, and inactivity increase risk.

Do I need a referral for vein treatments?

No, you can schedule a vein consultation directly with our specialists. However, we do collaborate closely with your general practitioner if needed.

How long does it take to see results?

Most patients notice significant improvement after just 1-2 treatments. Optimal results are seen over 2-4 weeks as veins fade. Some veins may require multiple sessions.

Are vein treatments safe?

Dr. D’Alessio and our licensed practitioners use only safe, proven techniques. Most procedures have minimal risks and require no anesthesia or downtime for recovery. We will discuss risks and benefits with you.

Do vein treatments hurt?

Our goal is keeping you comfortable. Sclerotherapy feels like a quick pinch. Ablation involves mild heat sensations. Discomfort is temporary.

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