The Benefits and Risks of Needleless Lip Filler Injections

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Everything You Need To Know About This Minimally-Invasive Cosmetic Procedure

Lip augmentation has become an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment, with patients seeking subtle enhancements or more dramatic transformations of their pout. 

While traditional lip fillers delivered via an injection remain the gold standard, a new method called “needleless lip filler” has recently emerged as a less invasive alternative. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain what needleless lip fillers are, how they work, their benefits and risks, and everything else you need to know about this groundbreaking procedure.

What is a Needleless Lip Filler?

Needleless lip filler, also known as needle-free lip filler, refers to a method of administering dermal fillers like hyaluronic acid to the lips without the use of needles. Instead, a specialized handheld device called a hyaluron pen is used.

The hyaluron pen uses pressure to “push” the filler into the superficial layers of the lips’ skin in a precise manner, depositing the hyaluronic acid into the epidermal and upper dermal layers. 

This needle-free approach differs from traditional lip injections where a needle pierces through multiple layers of skin to deliver the filler into deeper tissues.

How Does Needleless Lip Filler Work?

The hyaluron pen used in needleless lip filler procedures operates differently than a traditional syringe and needle setup.

It has a soft applicator tip that contacts the surface of the lips directly. When the device is activated, the applicator tip moves rapidly back and forth, emitting pressure shockwaves.

These pressure shockwaves push the hyaluronic acid filler into the epidermal and upper dermal layers of the lips through the outermost layer of skin.

No needle is used to puncture or pierce through the deeper dermal layers. The filler remains contained within the superficial layers thanks to the precision of the pressure shockwaves. 

This allows the hyaluronic acid to penetrate just enough to temporarily add subtle volume to the lips.

The practitioner glides the oscillating applicator tip along the lip borders and into the body of the lips as needed. The constant movement is needed to ensure that the hyaluronic acid is evenly distributed for smooth, natural-looking results.

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How Long Does Needleless Lip Filler Last?

One downside to needleless lip fillers is that results tend to be shorter-lived compared to traditional injected fillers. On average, the increase in lip volume lasts approximately:

  • 3 to 6 months with hyaluronic acid fillers
  • Up to 8 months, in some cases

The relatively quick turnover of results occurs because the filler is mostly contained within the upper skin layers, where it gets naturally broken down and absorbed by the body more rapidly. Factors like the patient’s metabolism, lip anatomy, and type of filler used also affect longevity.

Patients who opt for needleless lip filler can expect to schedule maintenance touch-up appointments every 4 to 6 months on average to sustain their desired amount of fullness. 

Comparing Needleless and Traditional Lip Injections

The biggest difference between these two leading methods of lip augmentation is the injection technique itself:

Needleless: Uses an oscillating hyaluron pen applicator and pressure waves to deliver the hyaluronic acid filler superficially.

Traditional: Uses an injection needle to deliver filler into deeper mid-dermal tissue layers.

While needleless lip filler offers a less invasive experience, traditional injections have some advantages:

  • Injected filler may last 6 to 12 months, sometimes longer.
  • More precise depth and filler placement for potentially better definition.
  • Ability to add larger amounts of filler for dramatic volume.
  • Potentially less bruising or lip trauma.

On the other hand, benefits of needleless lip filler include:

  • Increased comfort during the procedure due to the lack of needles.
  • Possibly faster recovery time with less swelling, irritation, and tenderness.
  • Subtle results look extremely natural.
  • Lower cost per treatment since less filler is required.
  • Non-surgical procedure with no downtime.

For many patients, the trade-offs are worthwhile to avoid needle stick pain and bruising while achieving a soft, pillowy pout. However, needleless lip filler may not be the right choice for those desiring maximum plumpness or seeking a complete lip transformation.

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Are There Risks With Needleless Lip Injections?

While hyaluron pens allow lip filler to be injected without needles, potential side effects still exist. These include:

1. Bruising

The pressure applied to the lips can sometimes rupture small capillaries and veins, resulting in bruises. However, there is significantly less bruising compared to traditional lip injections.

2. Swelling

Some short-term swelling, redness, and tenderness is common after any type of lip filler treatment. Needleless options may produce less intense swelling.

3. Uneven results

If filler is deposited unevenly, or if it migrates, the lips may appear lumpy or asymmetrical. An experienced provider strives to prevent this.

4. Infection

There is a small risk of bacterial infection any time a foreign material like dermal filler is introduced below the skin’s surface. Proper sterilization practices minimize this risk.

In addition, the FDA has issued warnings regarding the use of hyaluron pens and other needle-free devices to inject dermal fillers:

  • Significant injuries such as tissue death or blindness may be caused if filler is accidentally injected into underlying blood vessels.
  • Needle-free devices may not effectively limit the depth, area, or amount of filler being administered.
  • There are currently no FDA-approved needle-free devices for injecting fillers. Any device used is being employed in an “off-label” manner.

Patients interested in needleless options are advised to thoroughly review risks and benefits with an experienced provider. Montville MedSpa & Pain Center takes steps to enhance safety, like using cannulas instead of needle-free devices for certain high risk areas like around the eyes. Traditional syringes currently provide the safest, most controlled filler injection method.


What is the difference between lip plumpers and needleless lip fillers?

Lip plumpers are cosmetic products that temporarily swell the lips through irritation. Needleless lip fillers inject hyaluronic acid for longer-lasting, smoother volume.

Is needleless lip filler painful?

Most patients report needleless lip filler as comfortable since no needle injection is involved. There may be mild swelling, redness and tenderness but significantly less than traditional lip injections.

Do I need to take any pain medication before getting needleless lip filler?

Most patients tolerate needleless lip filler without any pain medication since there are no injections involved. However, your provider may offer numbing cream, ice, or over-the-counter pain relievers to ease any discomfort if needed.

Will I be able to move my lips normally after needleless lip filler?

You may experience stiff, swollen lips for 2-3 days but normal mobility returns quickly. Needleless filler stays in superficial layers allowing natural movement.

Does needleless work on wrinkles and lines around the mouth too?

The hyaluron pen used for needleless lip filler can also be used to gently fill and smooth perioral lines non-invasively with no needles.

The Takeaway 

This innovative twist on lip injections uses specialized devices to deliver soft, natural-looking results without puncturing the skin with needles. While the effects of needleless lip filler tend to be more temporary, the gentle, non-invasive treatments are an appealing choice for those wanting to subtly enhance their lips or for frequent touch-ups.

To determine if needleless is right for you, schedule a one-on-one consultation with the experts at Montville MedSpa & Pain Center. We’ll listen to your cosmetic goals, examine your lip anatomy, review medical history, and explain all procedure specifics so you can decide which lip filler technique meets your needs. Contact us today to get the conversation started.

Our Lip Filler Brands

At Montville MedSpa & Pain Center, we use only premier dermal fillers from trusted brands like Juvederm, Revanesse Versa, and RHA. Each filler has unique properties tailored to achieve natural-looking lip enhancement and rejuvenation.

We offer a range of hyaluronic acid (HA) lip fillers to meet your goals:

Filler NamePurpose and Effect
Juvéderm® Volbella™ XCIntended to replenish volume in the lips subtly. Produces natural-seeming outcomes and minimizes the look of fine lines around the mouth.
Juvéderm® Ultra XCProvides more fullness compared to Volbella™ XC. Ideal for sculpting and adding definition to the lips.
Juvéderm® Vollure™ XCOffers longer-lasting augmentation versus other Juvederm® products. An innovative formula for rejuvenated-looking skin.
Juvéderm® Ultra Plus XCAddresses facial creases, including nasolabial folds and parentheses lines, filling them to achieve a smooth appearance.
Juvéderm® Voluma™ XCNon-surgically lifts and plumps up the cheeks. Also improves the look of lines.
Juvederm Volux™ XCAn injectable gel to enhance facial structure and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.
Revanesse® Versa™An FDA-cleared HA dermal filler to reduce wrinkles and boost facial volume for a refreshed, youthful look for ages 22+.
RHA® FillersThe first HA fillers FDA-approved for expression wrinkles and folds, unlike Juvederm® which treats wrinkles from collagen loss and aging.

Our expert providers will help you choose the ideal filler to achieve your desired lip shape and fullness during your consultation. Contact us today to learn more about our unparalleled selection of leading lip fillers.From subtle definition to full, dramatic volume, Montville MedSpa has the skill, experience, and state-of-the-art techniques to give you the perfect pout. Explore all of our leading cosmetic treatments by booking a visit at our luxurious facility. Call (973) 834-6887 today to schedule your VIP experience.