What Is Vivace Microneedling, And What Are Its Benefits?

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What Is Vivace Microneedling, And What Are Its Benefits

Today’s consumers can choose and select from a wide variety of aesthetic treatment alternatives, some of which will surely be superior to others. These treatments usually come at a more fantastic price, but it is possible to locate one that can maintain your finances while still providing the desired results. If you want to improve your appearance, Vivace Microneedling is one of the most outstanding options available.

Among the most recent improvements to microneedling techniques is Vivace Microneedling. Enhances the status quo by fusing cutting-edge tools with time-tested practices. It’s the same microneedling you’ve heard of before but amplified to a new level.

Do you still need convincing? I will give you some more reasons if it doesn’t convince you. What you may expect from Vivace Microneedling and how you might benefit from it are discussed below.

Vivace Microneedling Is The Next Step From Microneedling

The use of microneedling to diminish the look of wrinkles and fine lines is currently all the rage. Many people use it to make their skin look younger by evening out the tone, diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles and easing the roughness of their skin’s texture.

Micro-needles are applied to the skin, pierce profoundly and encourage the creation of collagen, giving the skin its firmness and suppleness.

Even while microneedling works, it can’t compare to Vivace Microneedling. As you shall see, however, there are still many similarities to standard microneedling.

What Makes It Different From Traditional Microneedling

Vivace Microneedling is a cutting-edge procedure that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to stimulate increased skin regeneration. The idea of microneedles remains the foundation. Three layers of skin (epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis) make up the skin underneath the face or other places. When these skin layers begin to show the effects of age, changes such as thinning, creases, wrinkles, and sagging occur.

Thus, this treatment works by inducing more micro-injuries and microcirculation in the skin at the level of the human epidermis using RF energy pulses, allowing for a higher flow of nutrients and regeneration qualities, resulting in improved therapeutic actions in this area.

Microneedling’s piercing effects continue, but radiofrequency waves help the needles penetrate deeper into the skin. The deeper we go, the more we can encourage our body’s healing mechanisms to repair and strengthen the existing skin.

Benefits Of Vivace Microneedling

Here are some benefits you can enjoy by taking advantage of Vivace Microneedling:

1.) Quicker Results

Although microneedling has some of the same effects as Vivace Microneedling, it takes much longer to see results. Microneedling often employs the use of needles to effect change. However, they cannot penetrate far enough, and doing so might have unintended consequences. Needles in microneedling cause numerous superficial punctures, or “micro-injuries,” which serve as a simulation for a larger wound, but in reality, it isn’t an actual wound. 

Wounds should only be simulated, not real, to avoid permanent scarring. Because the body now believes it has wounds, it will actively work to heal them; however, in Vivace microneedling, the body is prompted to exert even greater effort because it has information that the wound is more severe.

When we increase the body’s response, we accelerate the healing process.

2.) Painless And Non-Invasive

Cosmetic surgery is typically required to get the same results as radiofrequency microneedling. Nonetheless, with today’s technology, all that extra effort is unnecessary.

Vivace radiofrequency waves and needles are used in a process called microneedling to create tiny punctures in the skin. This may seem like a harrowing ordeal, but that’s only sometimes the case. Your healthcare professional will use local anesthetics before the treatment so that you do not experience any discomfort.

Tiny needles will be penetrating you, but that could still seem painful. But aside from that, it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable.

3.) Useful Regardless Of Your Skin Type

Sometimes, people with specific or sensitive skin types should avoid getting high-end aesthetic procedures like lasers and phototherapy. Since their efficacy depends on a person’s pigmentation, they can only be used on those with light skin.

Laser treatment, for instance, can be complex for people with darker skin tones. The light will be blocked by their darker skin and not reach its intended target; therefore, the benefits will be minimal at best and detrimental.

However, skin color is irrelevant because the only tools used in Vivace’s radiofrequency microneedling treatment are needles and radio waves.

4.) Tightens Your Skin

Most individuals need to realize that microneedling can also tighten the skin. With Vivace radiofrequency microneedling, however, this effect is amplified.

Skin becomes laxer with age, resulting in a slight sagging. Because of its ability to enhance the skin’s reinforcement by utilizing the body’s healing properties, Vivace microneedling can assist you with this issue.

5.) Minimal Downtime

The Vivace radiofrequency technique is very accurate; thus, it rarely results in side effects like bleeding or rashes. It is normal to have some post-treatment redness and mild inflammation, but these symptoms should subside quickly.

After the procedure is over, you can immediately resume your regular activities. If you stick to the steps outlined by your esthetic provider, you shouldn’t have any issues.

6.) Delivers As Advertised

As a rule, claims about the efficacy of cosmetic procedures are overstated. They appear more powerful than they are. Because of this, your readers and customers may need clarification and support.

The Vivace radiofrequency’s reliability allows it to meet expectations reliably. Microneedling is simple in concept; thus, it’s easy to get uniform outcomes over a large patient population.

Micro-injuries caused by the needles are healed by the body, improving skin.


As we age, our skin loses suppleness, and collagen production slows down, among many other changes. These alterations typically occur as we age and can lead to blemished skin.

Montville MedSpa was founded on the principle that a person’s self-esteem and general disposition can be significantly improved by accepting and appreciating their physical appearance. This non-invasive procedure helps tighten saggy skin on the face, chest, and neck by increasing the body’s natural synthesis of collagen and elastin. Scars and stretch scars from pregnancy or rapid weight gain/loss can also benefit from this treatment. 

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